We all start somewhere! I love photographing the new born by themselves or with Mom and Dad. I've even photograph them in the hospital. There is a advantage of waiting a week or so to bring them into the studio so we can get the lighting and props just right but always willing to discuss the memories that we can make with the new addition to your family!
Children grow up so fast especially that first year. I have done monthly holiday theme photos or every other month as your child grows. We can come up with a plan to fit your budget.
This the fun years when they start learning new things, walking, curiosity , shyness etc. as parents we need to learn patients!! I guarantee my work so if it doesn't work out we can reschedule or your money back. ( I havení had to do that yet!)
I love this time! 13 year old going on 20!! They are starting to develop their hobbies and interest (like photography!) Doní want these memories to go by, they go quick!!!


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